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Hello! Is anyone out there =P

2010-08-19 18:02:22 by Quicksaver007

Hello, Everyone!

Quicksaver007 here. I have browsed Newgrounds for so long, bookmarking every flash, art, game, music, and artist I like, until, finally, I was like, 'DUDE! Just make a Newgrounds account!' Of course, Now that I'm here, I feel urged to make a video. However, I have no experience, time, nor drive to make anything, even though I have so many ideas, mainly music video style things to music I like. First, if anyone reads this, and second, wants to talk, just PM me and we can talk. Well, I got school stuff to do, so I'll end it here.

Ja ne,


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2010-08-19 18:05:47

Here are some tutorials to learn how to make flash

Here are some developer resources per-resources

Quicksaver007 responds:

Thanks. I'll look into it


2010-08-19 21:56:01


Quicksaver007 responds: